Woogaroo Swimming Club runs TeamApp as our major communication tool for the club. TeamApp has push communication from the Race Secretary and the Club Coaches.

The following curfews apply to teamapp

WEEKENDS   08.00am - 09.00pm

WEEK DAYS  07.00am - 09.00pm

No communication is permitted outside of these times unless it is an emergency (approved by the President or Coaches) or it is a private message between one individual and another.

To access TeamApp download the App (free from the AppStore). Once the App is downloaded search for the Woogaroo Swim Club.  This is most significantly used for the following items:

1. CLUB NEWS – for general communication that applies to all personnel within the club.

2. EVENTS – All sanctioned carnivals and relevant support information. These carnivals have coach attendance.

3. CARNIVAL PROGRAMS – Details all supporting information for all carnivals as information becomes available (time lines, timekeeping rosters etc)

4. CHAT – This is to allow push communication to personnel about specific carnivals, events, etc.. This information will be provided to you relevant to your access groups. This is not a public communication forum. 

5. SWIMMING QLD – This is a web link to the SQ Web Page

6. REFERENCE INFORMATION – general support information

7. WORK INSTRUCTIONS – General procedural information for the operation of the club. Includes carnival entry forms, OME work instruction etc.


9. WEBSITE – Link to Woogaroo web page

10. BRISBANE SWIMMING – This is a web link to the Brisbane Swimming Web Page


To access TeamApp via the internet, use the following link:

Sponsors who help Woogaroo operate effectively

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