Inter-Club Carnivals

Swimmers must be financial swimming members of the Woogaroo Swimming Club Inc. to be eligible for selection at Carnivals.  Swimmers will be selected for carnival teams from those members who regularly attend Club Nights.  Times taken into account for team selection are those recorded on the two Club Nights immediately prior to the selection of the team.  Accordingly, for a swimmer to be considered for selection he or she must have swum at least one of the last two Club Nights prior to the selection of the team.            

The time of team selection does vary according to the deadlines set by the organizing Club, but usually the team is selected two weeks prior to a carnival. There are 2 ways to be selected  for  a Team swim meet:

  1. By Coaches selection or
  2. As listed above. 


Swimmers will be notified what selection process in place prior to the team being named. A swimmer who has been selected in a carnival team and is unavailable should let the selectors know as soon as possible so that a replacement can be made.  Should a swimmer be absent from a Carnival team without prior notice, that swimmer may be ruled ineligible for selection in the next carnival.  Should a swimmer not swim in an event that he or she has been selected to swim, that swimmer may be ruled ineligible for selection in the next Carnival. 

A swimmer who swims as a registered swimmer of Woogaroo at any carnival is required to wear the club swimming cap.  All club members are encouraged to wear club shirts at all Carnivals. 

Woogaroo’s Upcoming Events Calendar and Woogaroo TeamApp. The Calendar is located on the Woogaroo website and TeamApp is available by downloading Team App and searching Woogaroo.  The Calendar will be updated according to meets being added to the SQ and BSA Happening Calendars, any changes will need to be approved by Coach and Executive Committee.           

The Woogaroo Race Secretary will forward carnival information to members via TeamApp.  Those nominating for Carnivals must be competitive swimmers. No late nominations will be accepted and payment must be made when nominating swimmers.   If you train with one of our Coaches you will swim for Woogaroo.  Girls who train at Ipswich Girls Grammar have a choice of Clubs, however, it is recommended that they swim with Woogaroo.

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