Club Night

2018 - 2019 Members Handbook.pdf

Woogaroo Swimming Club meets at the Goodna Aquatic Centre each Wednesday night of the swimming season as indicated in the Club Handbook. 

The pool will be open on Club Nights at 5.30pm.  On Club Nights and other Club events, all children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or other nominated adult who remains responsible for their child’s conduct and safety at all times.  Admission is free.  Each swimmer will pay a nomination fee of $4.00 per Club Night. 

Club Night Nominations need to be paid for on submission through on-line meet entry.  Nominations need to be submitted by Monday evenings by 6.00pm. 

In the event of a Club Night being called off, due to weather or other circumstances, those swimmers who have been nominated and paid their monies by the cut off time (Monday evenings 6.00pm) will receive the same points as if they have swum their normal times.  There are no refunds for cancelled club nights. 

Parents are required to help with time keeping and duties on Club Night. 

All swimmers shall listen for their event to be called and proceed to Marshalling without delay.  All swimmers must obey instructions given by the Marshalls and Officials at all times.  No ball games or running, no earphones and no physical or verbal abuse of others.  All swimmers must respect the rules of the Pool Owner / Operator.  CODE OF CONDUCT applies at all times.

All swimmers will be given a warning of inappropriate behavior and/or breach of the above before exclusion from their events. 

The Marshall’s decision is final. Rule tolerance applies to Junior Dolphins only.

Swimmers and spectators are to observe silence when the referee blows the whistle for the start of an event.  Cheering etc. may commence after the start. 

Parents are to assist in clearing away all equipment after the completion of swimming for the night.  This only takes a few minutes when everyone helps.

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